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    John MM0CCC

    RR Bob, will do.  Foul WX preventing last of work on mobile tower this week.

    Cambell MM0DXC

    I visited the site today and there is a family now living in the cottages. They are expecting us but I thought it a good idea to pop in and let them know what to expect and to do a wee recce. Ronan (I think thats how its spelled) and Tim are very pleasant and are curiously looking forward to our visit.

    There are a few things we’ll need to do differently this year.

    1, The Outbuildings that we use have things in them, the residents have agreed to let us move their stuff into the generator building and I’ve promised that we’ll put it all back on the Monday. This means that the first thing we’ll need to do is to get this stuff shifted. All hands to this before we do anything as Bob will need an empty room to work in.

    2, There will be 6 children and 4 adults staying in the house so I think its going to be best to move the location of the inverted L so that the drop is to be over the wall so the ground mat is not in the garden.

    3, We’ll need to agree a designated area for people to put their tents up. This is now someones garden and we need to respect it as such. Remember that there are 6 children in the house and they’ll need somewhere to play etc.

    4, We’ll need to mind our “P’s & Q’s”

    5, The residents have long term plans for the outbuildings so I suspect that this will be the last CQWW from this location using them.  I think we’ll need to plan for a “field Day” type setup for GB2LBN and seriously think about another location to contest from.

    Bob GM4UYZ

    Thanks for doing the recce Cambell and all the points noted. It has certainly been worrying me since I was told. For others, there has this week been a lot of background work sorting out keys and access  which is now all in place, fingers crossed.

    As they say all good things come to an end and agree with Cambell with regard to Lighthouse Weekend and what we will have to do for 2013 CQWW. Now is the time to start thinking about it and getting some plans in place….

    Bob GM4UYZ


    As you are probably aware now there is a long term let in the lighthouse buildings. Cambell paid a visit this morning to speak with them. Since then Tim (tenant) has dropped me an email with conditions that we need to adhere to. I know we will but see below for what they are.


    One of your cohort was down at the lighthouse this morning, I didn’t catch his name as I had to dash at the end of the conversation.  We discussed moving things about to make room in the outbuildings, which is fine.  If you give me a call on ************ before heading over to do this I will be sure to be there as you will need keys to get into the outbuildings.


    We’ve a few queries/questions for you which didn’t come up at the time of the conversation.

    • Could you ensure that there is no smoking in any of the buildings, my partner is highly allergic to cigarette smoke and the children have similar issues so we would prefer any smoking be done outside of the compound.
    • What amount of power would you expect your lighting and radio equipment to use?  If it were a few lights I wouldn’t be concerned, but I have no idea just how much power a substantial radio like yours uses – if it is a substantial amount I will have to ask you to cover that expense if it is going to show up on our bill.
    • I feel awkward saying it, but I do need to be sure that you and your guys keep in mind that the lighthouse is now our home.  I am sure you will all treat it as you would expect your own homes to be treated, but as we have guests that weekend and there will be six children present as well as four adults I need to be sure that your team will be appropriately respectful.  Some of the kids are really interested in what’s going on, but please feel free to grab any of us if they are causing you any trouble.

    – Tim

    Duncan MM0GZZ

    hi all

    well guys there seems to be a bit of uncertainty with the new folks and with us being there ,

    i myself don’t  feel very comfortable  now and with  six children running around  you will never know what they might get up to or there hands on , and it seems they want some kind of compensation for us being there .  my thoughts only .


    Cambell MM0DXC

    Hey Duncan,

    I dont think they want compensation, just an assurance that they wont incur any costs for us to pursue our hobby which is fair.  As you know we’re more than happy to cover the cost of any electricity.

    Its only natural that the children will be curious as to what we’re doing and we’ll be happy to show them and explain it all but we will also explain to the adults that until the station is completely built, its not really a child friendly area and having met with Tim and his partner, they understand that.

    It’ll be fine.

    Brian M0RNR

    Hi Guys,

    As Cambell has said I think this is probably the last year that we are going to get the outbuildings as an option.

    I agree with Duncan that the risk of having kids around is increased substantially, but I also agree with Cambell that its manageable,  we need to ensure that tools, cables, kitchen stuff, gas etc is kept well out of the way and we respect the wishes of our hosts.

    I would also recommend we walk around the outside of the buildings to use the toilet in the lighthouse rather than across the garden and a swift “al fresco” pee is also out of the question.

    Fully agree with Cambells comments wrt the inverted L and I guess the proximity of the 40m beam to the house may need a bit of a think but we are good at that and thinking on our feet is what we do.

    Im sure that as usual we will ensure that our hosts are not out of pocket electricity wise (or could we use the genny) and that we will be as professional as ever.

    Really looking forward to the weekend and hey, if next years a field day style trip then it wont be the first time.

    looking forward to seeing you all.

    73 de M0RNR



    Brian M0RNR

    Dear All,

    Just looked at the long range forecast for the weekend and in a world COLD! suggest you bring some warm stuff for sleeping in and be prepared for some wind, (30mpg gusts friday) and wintry showers. Met office forecast for Saturday onwards

    UK Outlook for Saturday 27 Oct 2012 to Monday 5 Nov 2012:
    A cold spell is likely to become established over the whole of the UK at the start of this period with a mixture of sunny spells and wintry showers for most. The showers will be initially most frequent in the north and east, while southern and southwestern parts see the best of the sunshine. It will also be windy in most areas. Some more persistent rain is possible for a time later on in the first weekend, but the relatively cold and unsettled conditions will return thereafter, with sometimes prolonged wintry showers interspersed with drier and brighter periods. Often windy, with gales probable in the north and west at times. Overnight frosts becoming widespread on some nights, with a risk of icy stretches developing where surfaces remain wet.

    Updated: 1212 on Mon 22 Oct 2012

    Just be sure you have enough foul weather gear, hat and some gloves would help too. Will check closer too but its not looking mild thats for sure




    Geoff MM5AHO

    Here’s a good link for weather forecast for Dunbar.

    About sleeping places…  I don’t have a tent, anyone with space in theirs? (assuming we won’t have much outhouse building sleeping space).

    John MM0CCC

    Likewise, I could do with doubling up with someone.  I have a small tent but my feet touch the bottom of it, not great in cold WX.

    Robin MM0VTV

    Just a thought. Will the smoke from the BBQ effect the person with allergies to cigarette smoke?

    Cambell MM0DXC

    I’m sure the person has coped with burning food smoke……….tobacco smoke is a different thing and kills you..

    Robin MM0VTV

    It was just a thought.

    Brian M0RNR

    I’ve got a spare 4 man and a spare 2 man I can bring or…..we kip in the lighthouse, it will be warmer
    Let me know and I’ll bring them up. Geoff john with you being taller the 4 would be good for you two


    Cambell MM0DXC

    Right troops,

    Just a couple of days to go before we get on site. Tomorrow (Thursday) is when the towers need to be collected and my van needs loaded. This is no mean feat so I will need help to do this. I will be finished work by around 12:00 midday.

    I will probably need two people to help me get the van loaded, who will be able to help me ?

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