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Yaesu FT-847 ?

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    Billy MM6AHJ

    Anyone have experience of this set?

    I may be able to trade some of my other toys for this, so Im keen to know if there are any pitfalls I should be aware of. I’ve already bought another radio from the seller and found it in excellent condition, the items were the result of an SK and the new owner has little interest other than SWL and has no licence.

    I bought his Yaesu F-100D and theres the Ft-847 a good quality Icom RX also in mint condition and a smaller scanner but that needs the onboard battery replaced. Cant remember the name of the RX, but its all singing/dancing and again well looked after.

    Any input appreciated…..

    Bill N



    John MM0CCC

    Bill, I have an FT847.  I bought it ONLY for use on 144MHz and 432MHz.

    I do not rate it at all on HF, less so on LF, even with a narrow SSB filter added in.

    I’d say its decent on 50MHz, and mine has had a couple of modifications done which make a big improvement to the 70MHz RX (it’s deaf as a post on 70MHz in it’s raw form) and TX (now puts out full 100w, whereas it only does 10w as standard).

    There is a mod that can be done to improve the HF performance that brings it close to some of the high-spec HF rigs out there, but the roofing filter you need is hard to find, needs a custom board from Inrad, and involves surface-mount work that is beyond me so I havent bothered.

    Hope this is of use.

    Billy MM6AHJ

    Really John?

    I thought it looked pretty good going by the Yaesu poster, I have a Kenwood TS-540 as my main HF base radio, so the FT-847 would have gave me some UHF/VHF/SAT possibilities…..or so I thought! Oh well…..

    This afternoon I discovered that the wee handset I have is ‘full duplex’ and should be good for outdoor SAT work, never done any so looking forward to that as well……….when the rain goes away!!!



    John MM0CCC

    I think you may have mis-read my previous post, Bill.

    My concern with the FT847  is on HF.  But 144/432MHz performance is excellent.  We use one at CPSARC every year for VHF Field Day, and used to use one on 432MHz as well.

    The Ft847 was designed for Sat Use with full duplex. I dont know much about working through satellites but recall when the FT847 came out, a lot of people bought them for this purpose.




    Geoff MM5AHO

    I had one of these for several years, not long after they were introduced.

    As John says, its HF performance is mediocre at best. I did the modification to mine and that improved it beyond my expectations – which perhaps just shows how bad it really was raw.

    It is a good VHF rig though.


    It has a few quirks. The on/off button fails. Its a very fiddly job to change it, but it has a spare set of contacts on that switch which can be used. After the second failure I swapped the MOX switch for on/off and that gave me more life on this switch which is clearly under-rated for the current its switching. (I lost MOX ability of course, but who needs that?).

    Another is that very close signals can blow some of the RX circuit, making it deaf. So not a good rig to use in a group contesting situation without good filtering. I managed to fix that too, but forget exactly what failed.

    The shuttle jog tuning facility is a pest I found. But thats a preference thing!

    I did use the satellite duplex facility a few times – very good. It also has cross band repeater facility. Thats clever but of limited use. To try it, I had rig on 20m, and operated it by a 2m handheld from out in the garden. So I was on 20m using a handy remotely, but that’s not really all that useful, even if its gimmicky fun!

    If you want a good VHF rig, which also has HF this is a good one. If you want a main HF rig that also has VHF, then don’t bother. That’s my opinion.

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