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Left Handed Capacitor Trophy

Cast your minds back to 2009, where we ran a challenge as part of our 25 Years Club Anniversary. As part of this challenge, a trophy, “Left Handed Capacitor Trophy” in memory of Vic GM4GGF was awarded to the winner of the Foundation Licence holder with the “most Distant QSO”. Martyn MM0XXW, then MM3XXW won this.

It is time now to think of another challenge where the trophy could be once more presented but this time on an annual basis. The idea that has come up trumps, (thanks Cambell MM0DXC), is to present it to the person who has been licensed for up to one year and makes the greatest number of QSO’s during our Special Event Stations. The aim is to encourage newer operators to “operate” and help overcome any microphone hesitancy.

Full criteria for the challenge is in the Downloads Section (VIC_TROPHY_CHALLENGE).

Are you new licencee’s up for a challenge then….


RSGB Region 1 Club of the Year

I’m pleased to announce that CPSARC has been awarded the RSGB Region 1 Club of the Year.
The trophy and certificate were presented at the GMDX Convention.
We now are entered for the National Club of the Year.

BT Community Champions Grant

I’m pleased to announce that the club has received a further BT Community Champions Grant for £110, hot on the heels of last years £500 grant.

This grant is made from BT to organisations where BT employees participate in their Volunteering Scheme.

Radio Test Night

REMEMBER it is RADIO CHECK Night on Friday 18th FEBRUARY
19:30 for the 21:30 start.
Cost £2 a head for Room Hire & excess to Club Funds…

This a fantastic opportunity to get your radio’s tested by professional test gear. John MM0JXI over the years has found a few faulty radio’s!!!! It is also a good chance to give your radio’s an annual MOT. Hope you make an effort to attend… It really is a worthwhile event I can assure you.

RSGB IOTA 2010 Result

The club has been going to Tiree since 1998 to take part in the RSGB IOTA Contest. Achieving 3rd in the DXpedition Section is a massive achievement for all the hard work that has gone in over the years.
It is amazing teamwork putting the station together, setting out our operating tactics then getting this result.
As well as the contest we have had loads of fun and have made lots of friends on the Island. The hospitality they have given us over the years is second to none.

Roll on this year…………………

A larger version of the certificate can be found here