Ron Brown GM4IKU now Silent Key & Funeral Arrangements

I have just received a phone call to say that Ron GM4IKU has passed away. I do not know any other details as yet but as and when I will let you know.

Ron was a great friend to many of us and he will be sadly missed by us all.

Difficult to know what to say at these times but as always our deepest sympathies go out to Aileen his XYL, Kenneth his son and all the rest of the family.

RIP Ron your suffering is now over.


I have received a phone call from Aileen, Ron’s XYL about Ron’s funeral arrangements. Note there will be no announcements in any papers at the family’s request but Aileen has asked if I will pass on the arrangements to you all.


             FRIDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER 2011 —  10:00 —  MORTONHALL CREMATORIUM

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